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WaterBear Services

Custom API Integrations & Analytics Suites

At WaterBear we excel at building data-mining and aggregation tools that can help piece together various aspects of a businesses operations. Beyond reporting, we have expertise in automating business processes with integrated applications, directly lowering operational costs within an organization.

A subset of systems we've built integrations for:

  • MyJohnDeere API

  • Weather Underground

  • CRM applications like Salesforce

  • Financial, accounting, and inventory systems

  • Payments, tasks, and IT systems

  • Slack Bots and messaging app integrations

  • ECommerce

New Product Development

Our team has extensive experience in the rapid prototyping and product development world of tech startups. We pride ourselves on having talented team members along each phase of the product development lifecycle, from technical depth, to design chops, to project management skills.

We've built applications that make heavy use of:

  • Real Time Data Pipelines

  • GIS and Location Information Services

  • Task and Process Workflow Applications

  • Advanced Reporting and Visualization Products

  • Notification and Messaging Systems

  • Mobile 1st Design & Optimzation

  • LBTE Beacons, and Sensor Hardware

 Adapt. Evolve. Thrive.

A modern competitive advantage demands proprietary software & data applications. Survive the disruption age and come out stronger than ever. WaterBear can help you get there.

Project Evalutation

We accept projects from 1 to 6 months in length. We work on well-defined problems that will give clients lasting advantages.

Talented Development

We staff at least 2 engineers on each project, to ensure timely MVP shipment and ensure the highest quality standards.

Demos & Quality Assurance

The journey to MVP should be incremental, with mini deploys and QA, testing assumptions every step of the way.

Launch & Maintain

Custom solution meets real world. From here it's time to refine the product, or stabilize it with a maintenance retainer.

WaterBear Pricing

We take on new product projects with budgets from $60,000 to $500,000 and can supply a wide range of software expertise*. For classic software consulting/contracting we bill $5,120 per week per developer.

WaterBear offers flexible, agile-like product development for early stage solutions as well as more structured product development processes for matured needs.

We offer maintenance retainers starting at 4 hours per billable month of MVP length. A standard retainer rate for a 3 month project, with two engineers is around 24 hours per month. Retainers are strongly recommended to ensure fast response times, and efficient software development.

*We offer various special skills to complement an MVP through our network, including mobile, specialized design needs, machine learning. etc. Rates for these services vary.

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